Our Unseen Hope


I have concluded that God is a lot bigger and not confined to the doctrinal boxes each church has to fit Him in. As long as we keep God small inside what makes us comfortable, we are limiting our ability to truly know Him.  It works the same with codependency.  If we continue to keep ourselves locked inside boxes of others expectations of us, we will never truly know ourselves.

Dr. Perry: And I would say that if we better understand how this pain—this trauma—is passed from generation to generation, we have a better chance of intentionally and effectively stopping it. This comes back to transmissibility—emotional contagion. The word transmissible is used to describe the ability of a trait (or skill, belief, etc.) to be passed on from one person to another. What Happened to You? By Bruce D. Perry and Oprah… Read More

Review  I enrolled in the Initial Trauma Certification Program online with IAOTRC in August of 2020. In the middle of the pandemic and having recently made the decision to not return to my current job, not much was clear about the direction I needed to go. When I read the description of the program, I decided to enroll.  I was disappointed to learn the class was full. I emailed Sarah, and only a few… Read More