Our Unseen Hope


Over the weekend, I had a conversation with my oldest son about him finding a church to attend. It was clear to me, and I’m sure to him, that I still struggle with a lot of anger towards religious institutions that bring more harm than good.  The shame. The fear. The guilt.  The judgments. The abuse of power.  The taking advantage of the vulnerable.  I had to work hard to offer much… Read More


I visualized myself as an adult, who wasn’t afraid to look her abuser in the eye and say it with firmness and walk away. NO. After having done a lot of work around understanding abuse, I know that feeling regret or shame over not saying no will only keep me on a destructive path. As I look towards the less traveled pathway it must be with self compassion. Only then, am I able to continue to move into what feels like uncharted territory. 

What illusion did you lose as a result of being disillusioned?

Where our limitations begin, another person’s gifting can begin. 

I have concluded that God is a lot bigger and not confined to the doctrinal boxes each church has to fit Him in. As long as we keep God small inside what makes us comfortable, we are limiting our ability to truly know Him.  It works the same with codependency.  If we continue to keep ourselves locked inside boxes of others expectations of us, we will never truly know ourselves.