Our Unseen Hope


What illusion did you lose as a result of being disillusioned?

Where our limitations begin, another person’s gifting can begin. 

This morning I read a post by Jen Hatmaker that hit home with me on Facebook. As I am writing this, Jen’s post has been liked, loved and cared for by over 40,000 people.  While I have been unable to read all six thousand comments, it is clear from what I have read that many relate to her post. Here is my comment in response: Jen,Thank you for sharing. Your post and… Read More

Dr. Perry: And I would say that if we better understand how this pain—this trauma—is passed from generation to generation, we have a better chance of intentionally and effectively stopping it. This comes back to transmissibility—emotional contagion. The word transmissible is used to describe the ability of a trait (or skill, belief, etc.) to be passed on from one person to another. What Happened to You? By Bruce D. Perry and Oprah… Read More

Grief helps us face and ultimately release what happened or didn’t happen to us. I read this this morning in the book by Dr. Edith Eger called The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life. Her book caused me to ask myself some important questions around my childhood losses. Losses that daily make appearances in my life as an adult. Losses that cry out for my attention and compassion. What did I… Read More