Our Unseen Hope


Emptying our faith rooms,  allows us to see more clearly what we really need.

What do you believe about God? When did you first start to believe this? How does this belief cause you to feel about yourself and God? Teresa Pasquale is a licensed therapist and author of the book Sacred Wounds, A Path to Healing From Spiritual Trauma. In a podcast I listened to yesterday, I heard Teresa say something I have been thinking about ever since. She said what we believe about our… Read More

Because the more we learn to love ourselves, the more we are able to be present with ourselves. 

This morning I read another article about pastor exposed. Every time before today when I have read one of these articles I confess that I feel justified in my decision to leave the church. But this article was different. Even though I had never met this pastor, I had followed his sermons online for years. The things that he said made a real and lasting impact on my life. After listening to… Read More

The sober reality is that unstable systems continue until individuals in them are able to recognize the faulty system and find the courage to bring about their own individual change.

Our long and painful history with the church casts a dark shadow over what many people view as a ray of hope.