Our Unseen Hope


Maybe it’s not so much about picking out the good and bad teachings. Maybe the way up is about looking at how the teachings are being used and the fruit that is growing on the vine. 

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with my oldest son about him finding a church to attend. It was clear to me, and I’m sure to him, that I still struggle with a lot of anger towards religious institutions that bring more harm than good.  The shame. The fear. The guilt.  The judgments. The abuse of power.  The taking advantage of the vulnerable.  I had to work hard to offer much… Read More


I visualized myself as an adult, who wasn’t afraid to look her abuser in the eye and say it with firmness and walk away. NO. After having done a lot of work around understanding abuse, I know that feeling regret or shame over not saying no will only keep me on a destructive path. As I look towards the less traveled pathway it must be with self compassion. Only then, am I able to continue to move into what feels like uncharted territory. 

What illusion did you lose as a result of being disillusioned?

Where our limitations begin, another person’s gifting can begin. 

Love means to learn to look at yourself / The way one looks at distant things / For you are only one thing among many.” Ah, yes, now I remember: I’m not the sun at the center of anyone’s solar system. If I keep trying to put myself there, insisting that I am special and my life must have some sort of special meaning, I’ll die in despair or in delusion. From… Read More

Seven years ago on a hot summer day in Alabama, I took this photo sitting across the road at my mailbox from the house we lived in at the time. On this particular day, I can still remember how hopeless and trapped I felt when I looked up at the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow over our house. This photo was taken a month after I told church leadership that the… Read More

Sometimes submission means we trust God enough just to get through another day without giving up.

“Most of our operative images of God come primarily from our early experiences of authority in family and culture, but we use teachings from the Tradition and Scriptures to validate them!” The Importance of Experience Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation My earliest memories of religion involved sitting in an elementary age Sunday School class. My most vivid memories of that time include a teacher placing felt Biblical characters around on a green board… Read More

On the outside, in my Sunday best, I was another sparkling saint washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. But on the inside, I carried a deep disgust for almost everything about myself.