Our Unseen Hope


As someone who needs to process my thoughts by writing them down, a blank page and a blinking cursor means I’m lacking clarity about most of what is happening in my life. It isn’t unusual for me to go for long periods of time without writing anything, but it never fails, I usually come back to the blank page like a lost child finding my way back home.  I woke up this… Read More

I was manipulated by a pastor. This confession makes me feel weak and just plain stupid. I don’t imagine most of us feel good about being deceived. The truth is I am not stupid or easily deceived. I have always been a suspicious person by nature. I am also really nosey. Just ask my kids when they are talking about a new potential romantic interest. It’s just in my DNA to want… Read More

I tried to defeat the church in my own mind and see what kind of person was left behind. Allen, Under the Banner of Heaven *Spoiler Alert* Recently, my husband and I finished watching the Fox series Under the Banner of Heaven. The series is based on actual events around the brutal murders of Brenda Lafferty and her infant daughter. Brenda grew up in a loving family with a father who was… Read More