My Personal Story

I want to begin by telling you that Liz Tinnea is not my real name. I have chosen to write anonymously, because I do not wish to bring any further pain or confusion to the members of the church where this abuse occurred, nor do I wish to bring any further damage to my family or the former pastor’s family. This blog is not about righting the wrongs that occurred. It’s not about proving myself or bringing guilt or shame on anyone. This blog is written as source of encouragement for those who have suffered from adult clergy sexual abuse and need hope. It is also written to bring attention to the issue of clergy sexual abuse happening in churches, so that those of us who are Christ followers can work to prevent it from happening to others. Click on the links below to read my personal story. Also please follow my blog, if you want to know more. God bless, Liz

My Story
My Story Part II – The Churches Response
Letter to My Abusers

8 thoughts on “My Personal Story

    1. WOW! Thanks so much. Your blogs are AMAZING. Your writing is so unique and you have the best titles! I find myself smiling and wanting to cry reading what you write. I’m so grieved by what you have suffered but so encouraged by how you have overcome. Thanks again!

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      1. You are welcome. Thank you for your empathy and compassion, may you find encouragement wherever you can get it to overcome the obstacles to peace life sends you.

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