Our Unseen Hope

Emptying our faith rooms,  allows us to see more clearly what we really need.

What do you believe about God? When did you first start to believe this? How does this belief cause you to feel about yourself and God? Teresa Pasquale is a licensed...

When we are faced with the question is it real or is it trauma, it is most important that we acknowledge to ourselves that everything we feel is important.

Review  I enrolled in the Initial Trauma Certification Program online with IAOTRC in August of 2020. In the middle of the pandemic and having recently made the decision to not return...

Everyone we meet is fighting difficult battles. Let us be kind to one another and to ourselves.

Experiencing God did not take away my pain, nor did it prevent that pain from leading me down more harmful paths.

When we pay attention to our bodies, we learn that they have something important to say to us about our pain

When your reality is not seen or known, that is the trauma. Bessel Van Der Kolk