Lori Williams lives in beautiful Middle Tennessee with her husband. They are the proud parents of three adult children. Lori is a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse and religious abuse as an adult. She is passionate about mental health and recently completed a trauma informed coaching program through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. It is her desire to bring hope and awareness to spiritual trauma and abuse by sharing her personal healing journey through her writing. You can reach out to her via email.

Maybe my main purpose in life is to pass on those words to people who need them as much as I do, so that they can pass them along to others—and all of us can get on with offering our gifts to the world. “On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old” by Parker J. Palmer

Photos: The church photos on this blog are of a beautiful abandoned church, Bear Creek Church, about an hour south of Nashville, Tennessee. I was driving one day and saw the church for the first time, and pulled off the road to get a photo of it. Last year, a group who does ghost story events opened the church up to tell people about its spooky history. I went so I could take photos of the inside. Alan Jackson filmed his music video for Sissy’s Song in 2009 inside of this church.

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