Representing Jesus to Those Who Are Suffering from Trauma

If one truly wants to represent Jesus, they must be willing to enter into the suffering of others.

Excellent blog on the subject of how to help those traumatized in the church. 

Being present, listening well, building trust, validating, asking good questions, and walking with someone in pain is largely what helps counselees get better. With a little training, the church can be at the forefront of the trauma healing. Dr. Phillip Monroe

It occurred to me as I read this blog, that if my pastor and others leaders in the church had had a good understanding of what trauma produces and how to help others traumatized, that the spiritual abuse may never have occurred.  

People who are traumatized are desperate for understanding,  for someone to listen to their stories,  and care for them.  But often the church is the last place that we find that understanding.   This causes desperation, and desperation causes vulnerable victims of trauma to be easy prey for a predator. 

My heart hurts when others in the church are not willing to hear about our stories of pain, when they are quick to fix us, because our pain makes them uncomfortable and give up on us when their formulas don’t work. 

If one truly wants to represent Jesus, they must be willing to enter into the suffering of others. 

If you have a heart to help those who are suffering from trauma in your church and community, this blog is an excellent place to start. 

4 Reasons I Promote Scripture-Based Trauma Healing –

Also, this video from the American Bible Society is an excellent resource, as well:

They discovered that those suffering from the aftermath of trauma could never connect with the Bible in their current state. Without addressing the issue of trauma, then much of the rest of the work of providing the Bible is in vain…we got started in the area of trauma…

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