Inappropriate Relationships

“An act of love doesn’t cause lives to be torn apart, people to be thrown into pain, and children to be emotionally burdened for life. We may think it’s love or that our careless, destructive behaviors are justified, but what passes for “love” in most inappropriate relationships is a combination of hormones and a desperate need for our egos to be validated.”

Thankful to Sharon Hersh for giving me a voice in this interview for Key Life Ministries.  A must hear for anyone in the ministry.

Also thankful for Steve Brown’s heart on how the church handles these issues.

3 thoughts on “Inappropriate Relationships

  1. Great article. Sharon’s words are full of wisdom and truth. Loved how she described the process of how we often build up those who pay attention to us (other than our spouse) in ways that are totally unrealistic – focusing on their positives alone and being blind to their faults – so that the false image we create in our minds becomes something our spouse could never live up to. Very insightful!

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    1. Listening to this interview encouraged my heart so much. They actually quoted me in it. I’m so thankful that God is indeed keeping His promise to take what the enemy meant for evil and is working it for our good and His glory. He is so faithful to us!

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