A Season of Despair…

So glad our loving heavenly Father never gives up on us and loves us NO MATTER WHAT!

Incremental Healing


“It’s all my fault” I protested. “Other five-year-olds wouldn’t even know what was happening to them, but my dad warned me about this. He made me promise to say no, and to tell. But I didn’t listen. Don’t tell me it’s not my fault. I knew better, but I did it anyways. And I kept going back. Don’t you understand,” I sobbed. “I went back.”

My body racked with sobs of anguish. For decades these hideous secrets had been locked away from a world too unsafe to trust…

The months that followed that meeting (seeLies I Believe) were some of the darkest of my life. Throughout the day, memories of my past consumed my thoughts. Despite the best efforts of the Pastor and my husband, I continued believing the lies that I was repulsive, stupid, and broken beyond repair. I was convinced that I was unworthy of being loved…

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