Visiting the Place of Death…

Her story helps me to know I’m not alone…

Incremental Healing


Please don’t think me morbid for my choice of photo. There was a room just like this one, in the place the bad things happened. It is a part of my story. I wish this wasn’t true. I wasn’t planning on sharing this part just yet, but life has a way of bringing the unexpected.

This week I had a family funeral to attend. It triggered memories and feelings that I wish I could escape.

This makes me angry. Death and funerals are so closely intertwined with this thing we call life, that it seems I am forever facing the cruel reminders of my past. Sure, I could refuse to go, but people would start asking questions. Questions I am not yet ready to answer.

My husband stays close by my side, to help me feel safe and protected. We bring our daughter along as well. I have found that…

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